An Alternative of Gender Representation

In K-pop where every image of an idol is calculated and manufactured according to formulas, it is surprising to see idols adopting an unconventional image. Of course, their androgynous image should actually be seen as part of entertainment companies’ strategy and attempt to experiment with new formulas. It is with no doubt that their attempt to experiment with new images has been a success. Having gained popularity in K-pop, these two androgynous idols have successfully demonstrated a fluid image by playing with gender boundary. Also, Girls’ Generation has successfully reinvented their image through androgynous dress-code. Their success may shed light on a new way of gender representation in K-pop. While feminine female idols and masculine male idols are everywhere K-pop, groups that are willing to try an unconventional gender image, together with correct marketing strategies, may successfully attract attention from the public and stand out from the crowd, like Amber does. Groups that have debuted for a long time like Girls’ Generation who is now in their seventh year, an androgynous look may help them reinvent their image, showing their creativity to the audience.


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